The word “Tapa” means “cover” in Spanish and a common explanation as to how the name 'Tapas' came about is that tapas were placed on top of a drink to protect it. Traditional Tapas are presented in small dishes and we also offer a larger portion ideal for sharing.

MEAT Tapas

Albondigas de Cordero Lamb, Pork and Apricot meatballs in a Spanish onion gravy £5.50
Shish Mini lamb kebabs in a flour tortilla with a mint yoghurt dip £5.50
Pollo al Limon Spanish chicken with coriander, garlic, lemon and cream sauce £6.50
Carne Con Tomate Tender beef cooked in a tomato, red wine and herb sauce £5.50
Carne Picos Blue Tender beef cooked in a creamy blue cheese sauce £5.50
Carne Chilli Tender beef cooked in a tomato and The Flame chilli sauce £5.50
Charcuterie Platter Serrano ham, Chorizo, Salchichon, Olives, Gherkins, Kikones £12.00
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Bread
Albondigas De Cordero Lamb and apricot meatballs in a Spanish onion gravy £5.50
Chilli Chorizo Smoked chorizo sausage cooked in Piquillo peppers and The Flame chilli sauce £5.50
Chorizo al Vino Smoked chorizo sausage cooked in Red Wine and onion sauce £5.50

FISH Tapas

Merluza Fresh Hake fillet coated in a duo of sesame seeds £6.50
served in a creamy mustard sauce
Calamares Battered salt and pepper squid served with Alioli £5.50
Whitebait Lightly dusted whitebait deep fried until crisp served with Alioli £5.50
Croquettas Smoked Haddock and Pea fishcake drizzled with coriander and lemon dressing £5.50
Gambas Pil Pil Pan fried King Prawns in olive oil, garlic, lemon and chilli £8.00
Chilli a la Diabla Pan fried King prawns in a rich tomato and The Flame chilli sauce £8.00


Queso Sliced Manchego cheese, sweet almonds, olives and bread £5.50
Champiñones Marinated mushrooms cooked in garlic, white wine and cream £5.50
Tortilla Española Goat cheese , potato and rocket omelette served with Alioli, bread and salad £5.50
Patatas Bravas Deep fried cubed potatoes served with salsa and Alioli £5.50
Salt 'N' Pepper Patatas Deep fried cubed Potatoes sauteed with onions and chilli £5.50
Tostades Goat cheese and sundried tomato toasties £5.50
Cheese Board Manchego, Brie, Pico Blue, Sweet Almonds, Chutney, Bread and biscuits £12.00
Pan and Aceitunas Fresh bread, olives and a selection of dips and oils £5.50
Nachos Baked Tortilla crisps, fresh salsa and topped with grated cheese £7.50
sour cream and guacamole
Ensalada Verde Mixed Seasonal salad leaves, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, peppers, dressed with croutons £5.50
and herb infused extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze
Calabacin Courgette, pepper and onions pan fried in garlic butter £5.50
Camembert Deep fried breaded Camembert with cranberry sauce £5.95
Pan y Ajo Garlic bread £5.50
Queso Pan y Ajo Cheesy Garlic bread £6.50


Why not add one of our little extras
Dips Flame Alioli, Sweet Chilli, Balsamic and Olive Oil, Alioli or BBQ £0.50 each
Extra Bread   £1.00
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